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5 Simple Rules for Fall Decorating

NEWSFLASH…It’s fall.

I know the calendar has said fall for a while…but it isn’t really fall until the weather and the trees say so.  And now, they say so.

And now that company is coming, I’m motivated to decorate for fall.

For holidays and seasons other than Christmas, I keep decorating on the simple side.  Here are my five simple rules for seasonal decorating.

Rule #1

Approach it in three phases:  1) Fall; 2) Halloween; and 3) Thanksgiving.

Start with the base of fall and then layer in Halloween and Thanksgiving at the appropriate times.

This is my foyer table outfitted for spring and summer.

Fall foyer before-watermarked

For fall, I replaced the branches with sunflowers and layered in pumpkins and leaves.

Fall foyer - watermarked

In a couple of weeks, I’ll add the Halloween elements similar to what I did last year.

Halloween foyer-watermarked

Rule #2

Use simple things that can be used in multiple ways and/or places.  Here are acorns in two places.

Acorns 1-watermarked

Acorns 2-watermarked

Rule #3

Buy things in multiples.  A few items in multiples look better than several single items.

Metal pumpkins-watermarked

Rule #4

Use things you have around the house.  Colorful vegetables and a seasonal cookbook, make great decorations.


Rule #5

Buy your decorations at the right time.  This can mean a couple different things:

A) It could mean buying things at near the end of the season.  I usually scout the stores at the beginning of the season, to figure out what I like.  This leaf garland is something I liked, but not enough to pay full price.  They had a lot of them so I decided to wait.  And it paid off…I got it on clearance.

Leaf garland-watermarked

B)  It could also mean – If you see something you really love, buy it now.

Metal pumpkins-watermarked

Back to the pumpkins – they are something I found in South Carolina in a cute little shop.  I knew I wouldn’t find them anywhere else; so I bought them.  They weren’t a bargain, but they are still my favorite fall decorations.

Stick to these easy tips and decorating for any season will be easy.

Is your house ready for fall?  Share your fall decorating ideas in the comments below!








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