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Cute Bunnies for Easter!

So there I am at Target…bathing suit shopping with My Girl.  And then the siren call of the dollar bins that were just across the aisle.

I succumbed.  The truth is, I didn’t even put up a fight.  I practically ran over there.  As usual, there were all kinds of goodies.  The best part were all the cute bunny things for Easter.

I’m a sucker for cute bunnies.  The love affair started when I decorated My Girl’s nursery, accenting it with bunnies.   And the love for them is still strong.  So naturally, I couldn’t resist the bunnies in the Target dollar bins.  Here is what I found.

Cardstock Bunny Cutouts

Bunny cutouts 1

16 cardstock bunnies for $1.00.  They come in four colors and three different styles.

With a little bit of hot glue and gingham ribbon, these made a great banner for an Easter mantle.

Easter Mantle

The possibilities are endless for how you could use them.

Name tags for Easter baskets.

Bunny tag

Place cards for your Easter table.

Or adorning a cake stand.

That’s a lot of cuteness for $1.00!

Bunny Ears

Bunny ears

Bunny ears…for a $1.00.  A great sugar-free Easter basket treat.  And irresistible on kids…and pets.

Bunny Erasers

Bunny erasers

60 mini erasers for $1.00. Another great sugar-free Easter basket treat.  Perfect for filling some Easter eggs.

Bunny Bag

Bunny bag

This one is my favorite.  It is so cute.  I think the floppy ears are what did it for me.  It was a splurge…a whole $3.00.  And worth every penny.

Bunny Towels

Bunny towels

A set of two bunny towels for $3.00.  Perfect for the powder room, the kids bathroom, or the kitchen.  Wherever you need some cuteness.

My Girl is 13, but still can’t resist the fun of an Easter Basket full of cuteness.  And I can’t resist scooping up the cuteness when I see it.

What fun things have you found in the dollar bins at Target?

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