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DIY Art for the Un-arty

A few years after we moved into our house, we took on the project of refinishing our basement.

Wine cellar exterior-watermark

Of all the things we did, there is one thing in particular that I just love.  The DIY art in the wine cellar.

Wine cellar interior-watermark

The art is a series of quotes from the movie Sideways (a wine lovers must see movie).

Some quotes are esoteric…some are just dumb – depending on who spoke them.  And they are quoted every time we get together with our wine loving friends.

Wine quote-watermark

Each piece cost approximately $5.00 – for the acrylic frame and the mat (using 50% coupons at Michaels).  I found the quotes online (thank you IMDB!) and then printed them on white paper using different fonts. Easy peasy.  The entire project took about an hour of effort.  It would have taken less, but I got lost reading the movies quotes.

I think the reason I love them so much is that they are personal and make me smile every time I see them.

What movie quote(s) would you display as art?  Tell us in the Comment section below.


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