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Easy (and cheap!) Halloween Decorating

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about the five simple rules for fall decorating.

The first rule is:  Approach it in three phases:  1) Fall; 2) Halloween; and 3) Thanksgiving.  Start with the base of fall and then layer in Halloween and Thanksgiving at the appropriate times.

Since Halloween is a holiday with a really short shelf life, I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on decorating.  But that doesn’t mean the decorations can’t be awesome.  All you need are a few simple materials that you can find in your local dollar Store or Wal-Mart.  Each of these items cost $1 or less.

Halloween decorating materials labeled-watermarked

Spooky Spider Web

This cobweb stuff is awesome.  One small bag, goes a long way.  And it provides a good creepy look for Halloween.  It is perfect to use inside and outside.  I add it all around the house – some between candlesticks, on the dining room chandelier, curtain rods, etc.

The key is to keep stretching it thin and attach it to an object.

Halloween Ghost

One of my favorite decorations is one that I came up with using some simple materials I had on hand from my local dollar store.  A white plastic tablecloth, a paper lantern and black tape.

Halloween ghost-watermarked

I love this project because

A) Kids and creatively impaired people can make it.

2)  It costs practically nothing.

D)  It has great impact.

Here’s how to make this cute ghost:

Fold the tablecloth in half lengthwise so it is in a square shape.  Draw a small semi-circle in the middle of the creased edge.

Ghost Step 1

Cut out the semi-circle to create a hole for hanging the ghost.

Ghost Step 2

Place the paper lantern  inside  the folded tablecloth and insert the hook of the lantern through the hole.  Hang the covered lantern somewhere so the entire length of the tablecloth hangs down.

Ghost Step 3

With a pair of scissors, make jagged cuts in every straight edge of the tablecloth.  The easiest way to do this is to cut random size triangles out of each edge.

Ghost Step 4

After you have cut the jagged edge, make jagged vertical cuts from the bottom up to make it look more ragged and spooky.

Ghost Step 5

Cut two oval eyes using the black tape. I used black duct tape because that is what I had. But if you are a perfectionist, black electrical tape is more forgiving.  Adhere them to the “face” of the ghost.  I went with the classic ghost face, but the possibilities are endless for adding personality to your ghost.  Draw eyelashes with a black Sharpie; add a goofy smile; add stick-on googly eyes.  Have fun with it!

Halloween ghost-watermarked

Find a great place to hang the ghost.  I like to hang mine in the foyer – it’s a great thing for the kids to see when they come to the door.

Halloween foyer-watermarked


Do you have any easy DIY Halloween decorations?  Share them in the comments below.








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