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Exploring – Deep Creek Lake Maryland

Camping is not my idea of relaxing. I love the great outdoors; but I don’t love having to haul everything I need for cooking and sleeping, not to mention things to do and wear.  And dealing with unpredictable weather, and unwanted wildlife…no thanks.  And I’m not alone in this – The Mister isn’t a fan either.

So you can imagine my dismay surprise when My Girl said she wanted to go camping.

A few months later, a Living Social deal showed up in my inbox that was hard to ignore – a 2 night stay at Blue Moon Rising – a small ecotourism resort in western Maryland. The resort is made up of 12 tiny, adorable cabins.

Blue Moon Rising-watermarked

The cabins are well-appointed – comfortable beds, heat, a kitchenette, full bathroom (!), and Wi-Fi.  What they don’t have is a TV (!).  The resort is pet-friendly, so the whole family could come. I was sold.

We planned to go the first weekend in October. We looked forward to lots of outdoor activities: hiking, making s’mores and drinking our morning coffee outside on the cabin porch.

But the weather had another idea. Rain….lots of rain.

Our first instinct was to reschedule.  But we decided to push forward and go. And I’m so glad we did.

Yes, it rained. But being in a warm, cozy cabin (the Sugar Magnolia) listening to the rain on the roof was lovely.

Sugar Magnolia-watermarked

We slept in, ate pancakes, and read. And when there was a break in the rain, we explored the hiking trails on the resort.

Fern Gully sign-watermarked                  Fern Gully trail-watermarked

Later, we explored the beautiful trails of nearby Swallow Falls State Park.

Swallow Falls trail-watermarked

Swallow Falls river-watermarked

Swallow Falls waterfall-watermarked

We visited a winery, a lovely little cheese shop, and poked our heads in a few stores along the way. After a nice dinner in town at the MoonShadow Cafe, we headed back to our little cabin in the woods for some chocolate chip cookies and a few games of Uno and Yahtzee. The Mister and My Girl even decided to go to the evening bonfire to make s’mores.

We came away, learning a few things:

  • Camping should only be done in a cabin (My Girl agrees).
  • The Deep Creek Lake area in western Maryland is beautiful and we want to come back.
  • Life should be embraced, even in the rain.

Do you like to camp? Is glamping more your speed? Share a camping story in the comments below.

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