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Holiday Clean Up – Holiday Storage Solutions

The holidays are over…the guests are gone…the kids are back to school…now what?  It’s time for the holiday clean up.   Which means packing up the decorations, cleaning out the refrigerator and getting the house “back to normal”…whatever that means.

Cleaning up from the holidays can be overwhelming.  So I break it down into parts, to make it more manageable.

This post focuses on putting the decorations away and organizing and storing gift wrap supplies.  Let’s get started.


Take a picture of each room before you put the decorations away.  This will make decorating easier next year.

Powder Room-Christmas

Powder Room 2-Christmas

Un-decorate the house, a room at a time.  This makes the task less daunting.

Pack up the decorations by each room in the house.  Next Christmas, you can decorate a room at a time.

Store the decorations in a plastic bin.  I love the plastic bins because they are easy to carry, keep the decorations safe from dust and humidity, and they stack well.  I use clear bins so I can see what is inside.

Storing Christmas Decorations

Don’t forget to put the picture in the bin.

The other nice thing is that the bins provide a way to store items from the room that you need to remove in order to decorate for Christmas.

Christmas storage

Label the bins.  I like to label the bins with the name of the room that the bin’s contents decorate.

Label maker

Put the label on the bin where you will be able to see it when they are packed away.  I put mine on the end.  And if you use more than one bin for a room, store them together.

Stored decorations

Organizing  Holiday Gift Wrap Supplies

Gift boxes – Separate the lids and bottoms and collapse them flat.  Put them together and store them in a plastic bin, standing up.  It takes up less space, and you can easily find a gift box when you need one.

Collapsed gift boxes

Gift box storage

Gift wrap – Toss the scraps that will never be used.  Store rolls of paper in a cute organizer.  My cute organizer is a Homer bucket from Home Depot.  It is tall and wide enough to hold all the rolls of paper.  I keep this in a closet, so it is as cute of an organizer that I need.

Storing gift wrap

Ribbon and bows – They can get unruly.  Storing them in a plastic bin is a great way to coral them.

Bow and ribbon storage

Gift bags – Store these in a plastic bin on their sides.  Finding a gift bag the next time you need one will be as easy as looking through files in a file drawer.

Gift bag storage

We reuse gift bags every year – as a result we have quite a few.  So we keep holiday gift bags in one bin and general themed gift bags in another bin.

The bottom line is this – keep the clean up simple and organized so that next year, the decorating and gift wrapping will be easy.

Later this week, look for Part 2 that has some great tips including how to remove holiday stains.

For now, pat yourself on the back.  And take a break.

What holiday clean up tips work for you?  Share in the Comments below.

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