Two Simple Wishes

The Importance of a Good Friend

Last week, I had a lot to do.  There are lots of projects I want to work on around the house.  And blog posts to write.  And online classes I have signed up to take.  And a family to take care of.  So what did I do?  I ran away.

It wasn’t done in secret or anything like that – I had the blessing of my family because they knew it would do me a lot of good.

So where did I run to?  To Denver to see my dear friend who was celebrating her birthday.  I think God, knowing what I needed (after a frustrating few “mother of the year” kinds of days),  made this possible (with an understanding family and $118 round trip fare to Denver).  On Saturday, I texted N to see if she was busy that week, and 10 minutes later I booked the tickets to leave three days later.

There is something about being with a good friend that is so good for the soul.  There are no pretenses, lots of honest talk, encouragement, and laughter.


And having some time off from being a mom is time well spent.   I still did “mom” stuff with her – carpools, helping her kids with homework, etc., but it gave me a chance to do it without any of the drama.  And it was fun!

One afternoon her son needed to study his spelling words; and he didn’t want to.  I impulsively challenged him to a game of “Trampoline Spelling Bee”.  We bounced on the trampoline together and practiced spelling words.    He was shocked that I would bounce with him on the trampoline…and honestly, so was I.  I would never have thought of something like this at home.  Why?  Because at home I get too caught up in the stuff of life, that I forget how to have fun being a mom.

My time with N was a good reminder, that good friends are important, especially for us mamas.  We are in this thing together and need to help each other be better moms – by reminding each other that our job is important, by giving a mom a shoulder to cry on, helping a mom with something you might be good at doing (that sucks the life out of them), praying with and for them, and sharing moments of fun and laughter together.

But in order to have a genuine friendship, it requires time, vulnerability and honesty about our own struggles.  (I’m writing this just as much for myself as I am for you.  I’m the first to admit, that being vulnerable is risky, scary, and hard; but also necessary if we are to get beyond discussing what happened on last night’s episode of Whatever.)

Let’s be that kind of friend – the one that invests time in other moms.  Call someone today and ask how they are doing.  Or plan to spend time together.  Or make a new friend that you see at the gym or at the park.  Do something that requires actual talking and spending time together…because real friendship requires face-time, not just Facebook.

You’ll be glad you did.

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