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Washing Hair Without Shampoo

Beautiful hair – we all want it.  In my quest to simply and detox my beauty routine, I have been on the search for products to replace the things I tossed.  I have had success in finding some great alternatives for most of what I use; so I finally was ready to take the leap into finding a chemical-free way to washing hair without shampoo.

Beautiful hair

I had read about a method using baking soda and water.  Everything about it intrigued me; except the name – “No Poo”.  That really seems like a good name for a different kind of product – not for washing hair.  So I’m going to just go with SCH (squeaky clean hair).

I gave it try.  In the name of science, I had not washed my hair for a few days.  If this was going to work, it was going to be obvious.

The results?  My hair felt really clean (squeaky clean)!   The only downside was combing my hair out.  In the days leading up to this test, not only did I not wash my hair, but I had let it go completely natural – so it was curly…and hadn’t been combed for days.  But once it got combed out, it felt great.  And to make it feel even greater (and smell wonderful), I massaged in some argan oil.

Instructions for Washing Hair Without Shampoo

Wash hair without shampoo

In a container, mix the baking soda and water, using a 1:1 ratio (e.g. 1 tablespoon baking soda + 1 cup water; 2 tablespoons baking soda + 2 cups water, etc.).

Baking soda in a bottle

(I like using a glass bottle that seals because I can shake it up and apply it easily.  I use a small funnel to add the ingredients to the bottle.)

Important note:  Use really warm water – otherwise you will feel like you took the ice bucket challenge in the shower.  Trust me on this.

Wet your hair thoroughly.

Massage small amounts of the baking soda and water mixture into your hair; be sure to get it all over, until your hair feels “slippery”.

Rinse thoroughly.

Advantages to Washing Hair Without Shampoo

There are some pretty clear advantages to using this method to wash your hair:

  • It saves money.   This method costs about .06 cents per wash.  (My shampoo costs about .23 cents per wash…and I don’t buy expensive shampoo.)
  • It simplifies your life.  Baking soda is something that can be used for lots of different things, not just washing your hair.
  • It reduces the amount of chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • It reduces your footprint on the environment.   If you buy the large box of baking soda and use it for other things around the house, you can reduce the number of containers that need to be thrown away or recycled.  It also reduces the amount of chemicals that go back into the water supply.

Are you brave enough to take the “No Poo” Squeaky Clean Hair Challenge?  Tell us about your experience!

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